Evo 2019 Results and Standings Updated

SAGA: Evo 2019 Top 8 Results

We have a winner for EVO 2019, the first of this season’s Saga events! Congratulations to Japan’s CO|Go1 for his victory. He has earned a ticket to the Finals as well as 550 points toward his already impressive total on the Standings.

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Here are the top 8 results for Evo 2019!

Placement Player Characters Points
1st CAG|Go1 Bardock, Goku (GT), Goku 550
2nd ECHO FOX|SonicFox Bardock, Kid Buu, Goku (GT) 400
3rd CAG|Fenritti Cell, Bardock, Vegeta 300
4th VGIA|Shanks Android 18, Gohan (Adult), Goku 220
5th Hirohiro Android 17, Goku (GT), Gohan (Teen) 150
5th B Kid Buu, Gohan (Adult), Yamcha 150
7th EG|NYChrisG Gohan (Teen), Tien, Yamcha 100
7th BC|Kazunoko Kid Buu, Gohan (Adult), Yamcha 100

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