SMITE: Battleground of the Gods, Danzaburou Is Next SMITE God

This December, Danzaburou will shapeshift his way through enemy lines and into SMITE.

A cunning tanuki from the Japanese pantheon, Danzaburou will soon become the next god of SMITE. Adding to the excitement of this trailer announcement, he is the first Hunter of 2020.

In-game, Danzaburou makes good use of gold, as befits a skillful merchant. He can invest his gains for further benefits or do just the opposite: literally throwing away money bags as unconventional weapons.

The tanuki is also a mischievous shapeshifter, and his irresistible saké makes him truly taunting…

All details are available in the patchnotes and in dedicated SMITE Closer Look blog post.