Summoners War, 2019 Asia-Pacific Cup Schedule

Now, it’s time for the Asia-Pacific Cup!
Asia-Pacific Cup will be held on Sep. 27th 9pm PDT in Taipei, Taiwan.
Here are our 8 Summoners who have fought hard to advance to the Asia-Pacific Cup.
Only THREE players from the Asia-Pacific Cup can advance to the World Finals! Who will secure their spot in the World Finals?
※ Luu Vu, who advanced to the Asia-Pacific Cup from winning in the Group Stage C, won’t be able to participate in the cup due to a personal matter.
※ Based on the win/loss records of Group Stage C, Judas will play in the Asia-Pacific Cup instead.
All matches will be live streamed via Summoners eSports YouTube channel, Com2uS Twitch Channel and Naver Sports.
We have prepared various events and rewards for viewers, so make sure to check it out!
■ Broadcasting Schedule:
Sep. 28th 12pm (GMT+8) / Sep. 27th 9pm PDT
■ Broadcasting Language and Team:
Korean: Jun Hur, Byunja and Yabbi
English: Snow, Rapid and SeanB
German: Mards and CapCaro
French: CM Roderick and MrWendy
Japanese: Shotoku and Kic
Mandarin: ShallotX, pkkfea and Er!cB
Cantonese: Siulun and Stanley
Thai: Ohibigz and 2noobs
Vietnamese: Ngoan Van Hia and Tommy
Indonesian: Taamaki
■ Broadcasting Channel:
Summoners War eSports YouTube Channel [Go to Channel Now], Com2uS Twitch Channel and Naver Sports
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■ Tournament Method
– Single Elimination
– Quarter-finals: Best of Three
– Semi-finals – Final: Best of Five
Top 3 players of the Asia-Pacific Cup will advance to the World Finals which will be held on Oct. 26th in Paris, France.
[Asia-Pacific Cup Streaming Event]
1. Root for the Asia-Pacific Cup participants to get rewards!
– How to participate: Enter the link that will be exposed at the bottom of the streaming screen (description) → Enter your HIVE ID / Server / The player you’re rooting for → Submit
– Available Rewards: Legendary Attribute Scroll (Wind), 1 Devilmon, 1 Light & Darkness Scroll, 3 Attribute Scrolls (Wind), 200 Crystals, 100 Energy + 300,000 Mana Stones (lucky draw)
– Winners will be announced via a separate notice after the Asia-Pacific Cup ends.
2. Game money rewards for all viewers on the match day!
– Coupon codes that offer you game money will be revealed on the day of live streaming.
Please stay tuned for the Asia-Pacific Cup, the last regional cup of SWC 2019!

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