Tekken 7, Some DLC for ya

The struggle for supremacy in TEKKEN 7 and SOULCALIBUR VI never ends as BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment delivers more content to keep fans of both series entertained with exciting new characters to master and new stages to explore. Updates for DLC content coming to each title respectively:

TEKKEN 7: Season Pass 3 Round-up
TEKKEN 7 continues to provide an arena for players to have some of the best fighting game matches today. Along the way the TEKKEN development team has delivered additional content through Season Passes that has kept the competition and the excitement for the game on boil. Today, we’re sharing a Season Pass 3 Round-up video that presents the latest DLC action that’s available for players to enjoy!

SOULCALIBUR VI: The Arrival of Haohmaru
We’re excited to finally announce March 31, 2020 as the official availability date for Haohmaru’s (from SNK’s Samurai Shodown) arrival on SOULCALIBUR’s stage of history. The SOULCALIBUR franchise is known for including an array of fun & compelling guest characters and Haohmaru armed with his Fugudoku will surely add to this illustrious history.

You can rest assured that more awesome content is on the way for both TEKKEN 7 and SOULCALIBUR VI.