The Warcraft universe comes to Heroes of the Storm

The Warcraft universe has come to the Nexus in a big way with the arrival of Alterac Pass, live on the Heroes of the Storm PTR! This new three-lane battleground is inspired by the iconic World of Warcraft battleground Alterac Valley.

In additional, we’re welcoming a new Warcraft Hero to the fray—Yrel, the first-ever Draenei to enter the Nexus. You can also test your mettle in the epic Echoes of Alterac in-game event, which asks you to declare your allegiance for the Horde or the Alliance. Once you choose your side, you can win Heroes, portraits, banners, and mounts through a series of quests.

For details on the new Warcraft-inspired content coming to Heroes of the Storm, please see the attached fact sheets. You can also visit our Echoes of Alterac blog post.