World of Tanks Blitz Twister Cup 2019, CIS’s 7STAR won championship

The event was an explosive celebration of the world’s favourite mobile tank shooter and featured six teams from all around the world competing for a slice of the $100,000 prize pool. Having blasted their way through the groups, 7STAR [7STAR]have won $50,000 to go along with their championship glory. The rest of the prize pool has been split between the teams:

  • 2nd place went to REIGN [RGN] netting them $20,000 as well as the title of the first North American team to ever reach a Blitz Twister Cup final;
  • 3rd-4th places — ULTIMATE FEAST [FEAST] and RBmk-Energy [MERCY] (10 000$ per team).
  • 5th-6th places — END GAME [EG-] and TEAM Wombats [-WoT-] (5000$ per team).

In a post-game interview, 7Star’s captain Ivan Matskevich had this to say about the event:

“Being a world champion means you’ve basically completed the game,” Ivan Matskevich, captain of the 7STAR team.” This was the first Twister Cup for the 7STAR roster. We’ve trained hard for five months. What am I feeling right now? Satisfaction! I’m ecstatic that all the work and effort we’ve put into preparations and training paid off. I’d like to thank my team for winning this!”

The 7-hour stream collected over 2,6 mln views around the world, with a maximum of 30,000 simultaneous viewers tuning into the stream.

“We are extremely proud of the way Blitz Twister Cup 2019 turned out. The event’s popularity proves that mobile esports have just as much potential as PC and console counterparts, and that the World of Tanks Blitz community is one of the best, most passionate ones in the world. We are excited to see the growing competitiveness between the regions, with Europe taking the world champion title in 2018, and REIGN from North America being extremely close to winning this year,” – Daria Klimchuk, Head of World of Tanks Blitz eSports.

About World of Tanks Blitz
World of Tanks Blitz is a cross-platform, free-to-play, team-based MMO action game dedicated to fierce tank combat. Available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10, and Steam, the game lets players control over 370 legendary armored vehicles and boasts more than 120 million downloads worldwide.

World of Tanks Blitz is a fun, lighthearted approach to the genre that bends the rules of reality, putting an engaging twist on tank combat. Deep mechanics and realistic physical models across both authentic and alternative historical settings combine to create fluid gameplay and tactical diversity.