CrossFire: Warzone, The conflict now spans 170 different countries

Joycity is officially launching Crossfire: Warzone in over 170 countries this week. Developed by Ndream, Crossfire: Warzone is based on the online shooter game, Crossfire, a wildly popular franchise with 100 million active players around the world. Crossfire: Warzone is the first strategy game developed to encompass the Crossfire IP. Players are tasked with combating large-scale terrorist forces that threaten cities around the world. In Crossfire: Warzone, players become commanders of mercenary groups to fight against large-scale global threat from radical extremist organizations hellbent on world domination.

Players will experience fictional modern warfare at its best, by way of PvE Modes (Terrorist, Massive Organic Weapon, Scavenger Corps and etc.) and PvP Modes (City Takeover, Capital Invasion, Server Wars and etc.). Crossfire: Warzone’s expansion will happen in 170 territories around the world, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, and Russia. Support will be offered in 11 additional languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Portuguese.

North American and European audiences that are already hands-on with Crossfire: Warzone will be treated to an expanded, in-depth PvP War system that hardens the Alliance effort against the encroaching onslaught. “Crossfire: Warzone is a cutting-edge, sci-fi, military strategy game featuring amazing graphics with a real-time battle system partnered with a contingent of in-game systems that aid in winning by way of strategy and tactics. We will meet the gamers’ expectations by honoring and respecting the Crossfire IP.” Said Danny Noss, Director of Relations at Joycity.

Crossfire: Warzone is available to download and play on the App Store and Google Play. Crossfire: Warzone Links:

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