DRAGON BALL FighterZ, Gogeta SS4 will be in it soon

From 10th March, players will be able to unleash Gogeta SS4’s power in DRAGON BALL FighterZ. The strongest Saiyan, born from the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta SS4 is proficient in every aspect of combat, using life-threatening Ki Blasts as well as relentless close combat attacks!

A new Patch will also hit on 9th March fixing minor issue and further balancing the whole roster!

Gogeta will be available on 12th March in DRAGON BALL FighterZ with an early access on 10th March for FighterZ Passes 3’s owners.

Gogeta SS4 is a DLC character included in FighterZ Pass 3. Available for purchase individually or through the FighterZ Pass 3.

TRUNKS THE WARRIOR OF HOPE, will be the third piece of additional content for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and is set to release early summer 2021. Players will discover a story arc featuring, Trunks from the future.