PAX Unplugged 2019 in Philadelphia, Schedule and Keynote Revealed

 PAX Unplugged 2019, the tabletop-only show in the international series of PAX events, rolls into the Pennsylvania Convention Center Dec. 6-8 with a jam-packed schedule featuring titans from the world of tabletop gaming, including keynote speaker Eric Lang, Director of Game Design at CMON.

The 2019 schedule features a star-studded lineup of notable celebrities and creators. The festivities kick off on Friday, Dec. 6 at 10:00 AM with a Fireside chat hosted by Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins with Eric Lang, designer of Blood RageRising Sun, and tabletop adaptations of Cyberpunk 2077BloodborneXCOMA Game of ThronesWarhammer, Star WarsThe Godfather, and more.

New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss will host a Worldbuilders Charity Event panel, playing a live game of Call to Adventure on Friday, Dec. 6 at 5:00 PM and showcase its expansion The Name of the Wind, based on Rothfuss’ beloved fantasy series. Travis McElroy, co-host of My Brother, My Brother, and Me, and The Adventure Zone podcast will also participate in PAX Unplugged panels.

Fans of live D&D can see live performances from Penny Arcade’s own Acquisitions Incorporated and The C Team. The best pen and paper podcasts return to PAX Unplugged, with live recordings of Shut Up & Sit Down, The Dice Tower, and more.

Attendees also have opportunities to engage in panels with their favorite creators including Wizards of the Coast, Cards Against Humanity, Kobold Press, and many more.

“When I look at my game shelf, the name ‘Eric Lang’ is on a lot of these boxes,” said Jerry Holkins, co-founder, Penny Arcade and PAX. “I can’t wait to join him on the PAX Unplugged stage, for a chance to talk about his past, present, and future.”

Along with a busy schedule, PAX Unplugged 2019 features its biggest expo hall yet, hosting massive freeplay areas and more than 250 exhibitors to go along with, including Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and DragonsMagic the Gathering), Games Workshop (Warhammer), Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin), Asmodee (Fantasy FlightCatan), and more.

The full list of exhibitors and schedule for PAX Unplugged 2019 are available in the PAX Mobile App for iOS and Android, and through Guidebook for web browsers and mobile. Three-day ($70), single-day ($35), and Sunday kids badges for children ages 7-12 ($10) are now available.

The international lineup of PAX shows (West, East, South, Aus, Dev, and Unplugged), produced by ReedPOP in conjunction with Penny Arcade, comprise some of the world’s largest gaming festivals. PAX events connect the industry’s greatest creative minds from across the worlds of both video and tabletop gaming, directly to passionate audiences.


PAX or Penny Arcade Expo is a festival for gamers to celebrate gaming culture. First held in Seattle in 2004, PAX has nearly doubled in size each successive year, with PAX Prime 2014 selling out of tickets in a matter of minutes. Connecting the world’s leading game publishers with their most avid and influential fans, PAX expanded with a second show in Boston in 2010 and a third in San Antonio in 2015, making it the three largest gaming shows in North America. The first international PAX was held in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. In 2017, Penny Arcade established PAX Unplugged, its first tabletop focused show, held in Philadelphia.