PEL Phase 3 – Friday, August 30

PEL is back! The top competitive PUBG teams in Europe return to the fray this Friday, August 30, and this time around, every moment matters.

In addition to the PEL trophy and a share of the $350,000 USD prize pool, Phase 3 gives teams the chance to book a place at the PUBG Global Championship—stay tuned for full qualification details.

The previous phase came down to the wire, with the top spots separated by a handful of kill and placement points. In Phase 3, teams will be more aware than ever that all-important positions on the scoreboard can be gained or lost with every drop into the Battlegrounds.

The action kicks off at 18:00 CEST live on, so grab your comfiest chair, stock up on snacks, and get ready for a weekend of action-packed PUBG esports.

Watch live video from PEL_Esports on