PUBG SEASON 4, Updates to the Iconic Erangel Map

PUBG Corporation has revealed the next step in the Battlegrounds experience, PUBG SEASON 4. With each PUBG SEASON, players will be provided thematic updates with new content and gameplay features.

Out now on PC Test Servers, July 24 on PC Live Servers, and Late Summer on consoles, PUBG SEASON 4 is set to bring new content and features headlined by the Erangel Visual Update. This update provides a striking new look to PUBG’s first and most iconic map, allowing players to explore the battlegrounds like never before. The classic map now features new building styles, more realistic scenery and terrain, and some changed areas within the map.

Please view the latest patch notes here:

Players can also get more from their PUBG SEASON 4 experience through the latest Survivor Pass, called AFTERMATH. Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH provides unique mission and rewards (outfits, character appearance options, and weapon skins) for survivors looking for a challenge. A new feature called Co-Op Missions will also allow players to progress through the pass with group progression. Finally, players who purchase the Premium Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH will receive the first ever vehicle skin called the “Red Zoned” for the UAZ.

On July 24, fans can immediately began enjoying the Erangel Visual Update, new turntable and car radio features, and Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH. The experience will continue to evolve throughout the season as players can look forward to additional updates, such as refinements to the ledge grab mechanic and a new Survival Mastery progression system.