PUBG Europe League (PEL) Contenders Team Seeding Is Out

Before PUBG Europe League Contenders kicks off on February 21st, teams were seeded for the group stage of Phase 1 at the Official PEL Twitch Channel.

Thirty-two teams from Europe West (14), Europe East (7), Middle East and Africa (6), and the PEL LAN Closed Qualifiers (5) will compete for a slot at an off-season tournament starting from February 21st. These teams are seeded into two groups as shown on the image above. The team seeding was broadcasted on the official PEL Twitch channel last week.

Those teams who will make it to the top 8 of each group on Phase 1 will advance to Berlin Off-Season, while the 9th and 10th place of each group will remain to Phase 2. Meanwhile, the 11th placed team from each group will join the second stage of PEL Contenders Promo on the second stage, while the 12th and 13th placer will join the first stage of PEL Contenders Promo on the first stage. The teams placed at 14th to 16th in each group will be relegated to PEL Open.

Here are the official results of the PEL Contenders group draw:

Group А Group В
AVANGAR (PEL LAN Qualifier) Personal Courageux (PEL LAN Qualifier)
Reciprocity (PEL LAN Qualifier) Tornado Energy (PEL LAN Qualifier)
We Need A Home (Europe: West) GamerLegion (PEL LAN Qualifier)
Sweaty Nerds (Europe: West) Riddle Esports (Europe: West)
DESPERADO (Europe: West) Team 3DMAX (Europe: West)
Quickmath (Europe: West) SEEKORG (Europe: West)
Wizards eSports Club (Europe: West) Zoekt een Naam (Europe: West)
ELGIGANTEN Gaming (Europe: West) NeverMiss (Europe: West)
MeetYourMakers (Europe: West) Feniks eSports (Europe: West)
Besiktas Esports (Europe: West) Stellar (Europe: West)
TheSwarm (Europe: East) Northern Lights Team (Europe: East)
Team_Unique (Europe: East) Ghost Legion (Europe: East)
UNITY (Europe: East) Se7en eSports (Europe: East)
Venkonas (Europe: East) 1907 Fenerbahce (MEA)
The Kebab (MEA) Osh-Tekk Warriors (MEA)
TOA.GXT (MEA) Not Fair (MEA)

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