VALORANT, ProGaming Italia to be Italian-language broadcast partner

ProGaming Italia and Riot Games announced their partnership for the promotion of VALORANT in Italy. ProGaming Italia will become the Official Broadcast Partner.

The agreement with Riot Games includes exclusive Italian language production rights of all international competitions, starting with direct coverage of the VALORANT Champions Tour in 2021.

The Italian streams will cover all three levels of the VALORANT Champion’s Tour competitions. The  broadcasts will be  transmitted on a dedicated Twitch channel.

ProGaming Italia, with the goal of creating an sustainable ecosystem that offers ever-increasing professionalism for players, teams and fans, has also entered into a strategic partnership with Freaks 4U Gaming, the global marketing agency based in Berlin that has become a pillar of quality in the gaming and esports sector. Together, the two agencies will develop Agent’s Range in Italy.

Agent’s Range Italia, launching in March, will be the official hub for the Italian community of players and fans of VALORANT. The platform will provide a 360 degree offer covering all things VALORANT including news, exclusive editorial content, original videos and more, in addition to providing seamless integration and high visibility for sponsors and partners within the gaming ecosystem.

“We are proud to have found in ProGaming Italia and Freaks4U the two fundamental partners necessary and capable of brining the power of VALORANT esports to Italian players in their own language and we are certain that the final product will exceed everyone’s expectations. This is only one of the collaborations we will have with ProGaming Italia and, generally speaking, the first of many new initiatives in the country that will see Riot Games taking an active role on the front lines to ensure that our players have the best experience possible and give the Italian market the attention it deserves, which, we promise, will only help to further growth.’ Carlo Barone, Brand Manager Italia Riot Games.

ProGaming Italia’s Esports Director, Maurizio Cassano, commented on the partnership: ‘We are grateful that Riot Games selected us as their official partner in Italy for this international adventure. 2020 demonstrated the strong potential of VALORANT as a competitive esports, but it will be 2021 that will usher in the consolidation of the ecosystem necessary to channel the product and push it to the next level. ProGaming Italia is thrilled to be a part of this and – thanks to the cooperation with a recognized an solid esports agency like Freaks4U Gaming –  we are certain that Agent’s Range will quickly becoming the place for the Italian VALORANT community”.
With ProGaming Italia an amazing team just entered the growing VALORANT ecosystem. Us Freaks are thrilled to be part of this development, to bring the best value to RIOT fans and player in Italy. Together, we can make the brand of Agent’s Range shine and flourish and excite the Italian audience for a sustainable community. I can’t wait to see Agent’s Range Italia and Germany grow from our cooperation and synergy in the future.” – Sören von Sebelin – Head of Product Management – Freaks 4U Gaming1 .

For more information and updates about tournaments and the Italian Valorant scene, official profiles are available on TwitterInstagram and YouTube as well as the official site of Agent’s Range Italia.