CrossFire: Warzone, Performance has been an issue… but no longer

Joycity announced a massive performance improvement update for CROSSFIRE: Warzone.

The CROSSFIRE: Warzone team has taken great strides to alleviate a lot of past performance bottlenecks by carefully analyzing and optimizing the number of objects and effects on the battlefield with this new QOL-focused update. The new optimization updates can be best experienced during peak hours in high-traffic areas where players congregate en masse. Popular content such as the ‘City Takeover’ feature will also run much smoother with the optimization update, allowing players to experience intense fights with less lag and faster visual and tactile response.

This update also fine tunes and elaborates upon the City Takeover combat by way of a combat troop restoration once the battle has ended. This update will lessen the impact and costs associated with troop loss during this encounter, allowing players to replenish their forces faster.

Other changes include barrier restriction optimizations within certain areas around a city while takeover is in progress. Before the change, occupying terrain near the city tower was an imperative attack routine, the most utilized player strategy. With new barrier restrictions in place, exciting new strategies will be utilized, shaking up the meta-stratagem and bringing a breath of fresh air to this extraordinarily competitive mode.

The new ‘Officer Core System’ is also being introduced with this update. New Core levels will be activated when Officer, Officer Gear, and Officer Skill levels are increased. Activating certain Core levels will unlock special benefits such as Attack Speed, Leadership, and PVP attack power buffs.

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