PUBG Mobile, EMEA League’s Split winners announced

The winners of the PUBG MOBILE Club Open in Europe, Turkey, CIS, Germany, Middle East & Africa, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have been crowned, with the best teams qualifying for the brand new PUBG MOBILE EMEA League to battle for three spots in the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship

Across the Atlantic, the highly anticipated PUBG MOBILE Pro League Americas league matches begin tomorrow.

Following unprecedented growth in all territories this year, PUBG MOBILE is pleased to reveal a brand new dedicated league for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), offering a prize pool of $100,000 and three slots in the prestigious PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC). This past weekend saw teams emerge victorious at their respective PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO) Finals in Europe, Turkey, CIS, Germany, Middle East & Africa, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, marking the end of the 2020 PMCO Fall Split.

The best performing teams from the Europe, Turkey, CIS, Germany, Middle East & Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq PMCO Fall Split have qualified to the newly launched PUBG MOBILE EMEA League which begins on October 16th:

  • PMCO Europe Finals: Top 4 teams – UDR KILLERS, GODSENT, Bloodline, Polar Ace
  • PMCO CIS Finals: Top 5 teams – KoninaPower, NaixCS, DreamEaters, Team 1218, Alliance
  • PMCO Turkey Finals: Top 4 teams – Mod-Z Esports, Blaze Esports, REIGN Esports, Klas Game Esports
  • PMCO Germany Finals: Top 3 teams – Marines Force DE, 8rESPORTS, HOT LINE
  • PMCO Saudi Arabia Finals: Top 5 teams – Baad, OshTekkWarriors, HeadQuarters, The Force, SWAT69
  • PMCO MEAF Finals: Top 3 teams – YaLLa Esports, 1 Bullet, ROYAL ESPORTS
  • PMCO Egypt Finals: Top 3 teams – Fear Eleven, Vibes 6, The SniperS
  • PMCO Iraq Finals: Top 5 teams – IRAQI ELITE, ARAB GSG, FRAG MACHINES, The Monster, Punishers

The tournament will be split into the two stages – the EMEA League, which will be held in the first two weeks, and the EMEA League Finals that will take place in the third and last week of the season. During the EMEA League stage, 32 teams will be split into groups and play against each other, accumulating points; after two weeks the top 16 teams will proceed to the EMEA League Finals. There will be four matches played per day, for three days a week. For the finals the points will reset, and 16 teams will battle it out to determine the top three teams that qualify for the upcoming PMGC. There will be five matches played per day, for four days a week. Please note that the EMEA League will replace the PMCO Regional Finals for Europe and MEAF, with a combined prize pool of $100,000.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) Americas Season 2 officially begins tomorrow following two weeks of high octane scrim action, where the best pro players from North America, Brazil, and LatAm will face off for a total prize pool of $200,000 and three spots to entering PMGC, the biggest and highest level global esports tournament of PUBG MOBILE. The league play will run for four weeks from September 22nd – October 25th. PMPL, the pro tier of the PUBG MOBILE esports ecosystem has also already begun in SEA, and sees the best teams from the PMCO face off against the top pro teams in their region.

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PMPL Americas broadcast schedule:

  • Week 1: 22-27 SEP 4PM PST
  • Week 2: 29 SEP – 4 OCT 4PM PST
  • Week 3: 6-11 OCT 4PM PST
  • Week 4: 13-18 OCT 4PM PST
  • Finals: 22-25 OCT 4PM PST

PUBG MOBILE EMEA League broadcast schedule:

  • Week 1: 16-19 OCT 6PM GMT+3
  • Week 2: 23-25 OCT 6PM GMT+3
  • Finals: 29 OCT – 1 NOV 6PM GMT+3

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