PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) 2021 schedule announced

PUBG MOBILE  announced the highly anticipated PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL) 2021 schedule, alongside the addition of seven new regions showcasing the true global reach of the PUBG MOBILE Esports ecosystem. The new regions which include North America, Brazil, LATAM, CIS, Turkey, Arabia and Western Europe will see PUBG MOBILE Pro League run from March through to June. PUBG MOBILE also teased a World Class tournament for this summer which will see the top teams from across all regions go head-to-head. The PUBG MOBILE Esports program offers a total prize pool of $14,000,000 USD for 2021, the highest in mobile esports history.

The PUBG MOBILE Pro League, the pro-level of competition in PUBG MOBILE Esports, covers four Regional Championships including PMPL Southeast Asia Championship (PMPL SEA), PMPL Americas Championship, PMPL South Asia Championship and PMPL EMEA Championship.

PMPL Indonesia, PMPL Vietnam, PMPL Thailand and PMPL Malaysia & Singapore all officially kicked off on March 24th with all regions competing for a spot at the PMPL SEA Championship in May. The PMPL South Asia also officially started on March 23rd. The PMPL EMEA Championship will start with PMPL CIS and PMPL Turkey on April 20th, PMPL Western Europe on May 17th and PMPL Arabia on May 17th. The PMPL Americas Championship which kicked off with PMPL North America on March 23rd is followed by PMPL Brazil  this Tuesday, and PMPL LATAM will start on April 27th. Both the PMPL EMEA Championship and PMPL Americas Championship will conclude in June with the Championship Finals.

The dates for the 2021 PMPLs are:

  • PMPL Southeast Asia Championship
    • PMPL Indonesia: March 24th->
    • PMPL Vietnam: March 24th->
    • PMPL Thailand: March 24th->
    • PMPL Malaysia & Singapore: March 24th->
    • Championship Finals: May
  • PMPL South Asia Championship
    • League: March 23rd ->
    • Championship Finals: May
  • PMPL Americas Championship
    • PMPL North America: March 23th ->
    • PMPL Brazil: March 30th ->
    • PMPL LATAM: April 27th ->
    • Championship Finals: June
  • PMPL EMEA Championship
    • PMPL CIS: April 20th ->
    • PMPL Turkey: April 20th ->
    • PMPL Western Europe: May 17th ->
    • PMPL Arabia: May 17th
    • Championship Finals: June

PUBG MOBILE also recently announced the addition of a brand new World Class tournament which will see the best teams from around the world compete this summer. More details on the tournament will follow in the next couple of months.

PUBG MOBILE Esports supports players of all levels from amateur to pro across more regions than ever before. Starting in 2018 with the creation of grassroots events across the world, PUBG MOBILE has gone on to develop the global PMPL pro circuit, and complete the major expansion of the PMCO to 27 regions in 2020. With the introduction of seven new leagues to the PMPL in 2021, PUBG MOBILE cements its position as one of the most diverse and largest mobile esports programs in the world.

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