PUBG Season 6 and Survivor Pass: Shakedown available on console

PUBG Season 6 and Survivor Pass: Shakedown are available on console! This new season brings a brand new 2×2 map, Karakin. The map is a small island off the northern coast of Africa and is PUBG’s smallest, most intense experience to date. Players can interact with this new map like never before with breach points into buildings, bullet penetration through certain walls, and underground smuggler tunnels to ambush your enemies.

To help players discover the history of Karakin, Survivor Pass: Shakedown offers dozens of new skins and emotes for players to unlock through a variety of missions and challenges.

While Karakin rises from the sea, Vikendi will be taking a brief hibernation to get some beauty sleep. We look forward to seeing its changes when the map returns later this year.

You can learn more about update 6.1 by reviewing our patch notes here and Survivor Pass here.