PUBG, Update 9.2 has gone live on the PC version

With PUBG Update 9.2 available on PC and coming to console on 26 November, players can drop into the battlegrounds to try out a new vehicle, mini Survivor Pass, and balance updates. The latest update includes:

  • Battle Bride Pass: This new kind of pass focuses on Sadiya Qureshi, a character players have seen from our motion comics. The Battle Bride pass progresses independently from Survivor Pass: Highlands and has 15 levels for players to complete by earning XP from matches.
  • Dirt Bike: We’re revving the engines with a new type of vehicle, the dirt bike. They are fast, up to 130km/h, and designed to handle every terrain and map, with the exception of Karakin.
  • Weapon Balances: All sidearms across the board have received improvements to damage multipliers, aiming, ADS movement speed, and more.

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