World of Tanks Blitz, Czechoslovakian vehicles the star of the 7.7 show

Update 7.7 hits World of Tanks Blitz and the headliners are the 5 brand-new Czechoslovakian vehicles which will become part of the European Tech Tree. This medium tank branch starts at Tier VI and runs all the way to Tier X and also brings with them new provisions: Goulash and Fried Cheese.

“It’s a great feeling when we bring new vehicles to the game for our players to enjoy, and our European community have been eagerly awaiting these steel beasts,” states Andrey Ryabovol, World of Tanks Product Director. “With every new tank we introduce, we also introduce a new challenge: there are weak spots, strengths, playstyles and more to discover.”

The 5 new tanks are:

  • Škoda T 25 (Tier VI)
  • Konštrukta T-34/100 (Tier VII)
  • TVP VTU Koncept (Tier VIII)
  • Škoda T 50 (Tier IX)
  • TVP 50/51 (Tier X)

Overall, the additions are dynamic, maneuverable, well-armed machines. The Škoda T 25 is the perfect stepping stone to the new line as it will provide tankers with a feeling of what to expect from the higher tiers. Just like the Swedish and Italian branches, the Czechoslovakian vehicles will be researchable from the Tier V Strv m/42. Two of the newly introduced mediums have classic guns with excellent penetration and high single-shot damage, while the other three feature guns with an autoloading system. At the top of the tree, the Tier X TVP T 50/51’s firepower is seriously impressive as a result of its 4-shell magazine.

Alongside the Czechoslovakian mediums, Update 7.7 also introduces a brand-new operation Colosseum that kicks off on March 1st. This time it will see tankers in an unusual Gladiators setting while completing missions to get great rewards, including a unique tank, camo and profile background!

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