PUBG MOBILE reveals a new anti-cheat measure

PUBG MOBILE reveals a new anti-cheat measure to improve competitiveness and crack down on cheaters. This update builds upon the existing Spectate Mode, added a peer review mechanism. The game server will now determine in real-time if a given player is visible in the view of the game host, using that information to decide whether or not to transmit the location data to spectators.

The updated Spectating System Upgrade aims to achieve two key improvements:

  • Resolve the use of cheating by manipulating the existing Spectate Mode
  • Further improve upon Spectate Mode to better identify and eliminate suspicious behaviors elsewhere in the game.

The Spectating System consists of three separate roles, including the host, game server and spectator. Previously, cheaters were able to take advantage of Spectate Mode by using two devices to pinpoint in-game enemy players and gain an unfair advantage. But now, the newly added mechanism can determine that if a player is not visible in the view of the host, it will not transmit the location data of the player to spectators. This upgrade not only eliminates the possibility of the unfair cheating by spectating, but also ensures plug-ins will not be able to modify game data, which strongly guarantees the security and reliability. In addition, this solution does not affect the experience of users who spectate matches normally.

By improving the ability to detect new forms of cheating, PUBG MOBILE is taking more stringent action against cheaters with 10 years ban and continues to enhance the security of the game in all aspects to create a fair gaming environment.

PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.